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    A couple of weeks ago I met up with Beachcomber, who was being kind enough to borrow me a desperately needed brake caliper for my bike while I got the one I’d stripped the bleed nipple from fixed.

    This is exactly the sort of thing we had in mind in setting this club up, people helping each other to keep an ancient bike where every part short of…[Read more]

  • We’ve been thinking of adding a chatroom facility, but as there hardly ever seems to be more than one member at a time on here I wonder if it would get any use?

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    Hi Ron, good to have you on board. We’re a pretty disparate group and there’s not many of us, but someday we’ll pull it all together 🙂

  • Bike status this morning – needing a little TLC.
    Bike status after TLC – completely fucked :'(

    It’s been outside all year and I’ve been spraying it with oil to try and fend off the rust. This mostly worked very well, except for the brakes, which had a different opinion.

    No sweat, bit of degreaser and they’ll be fine. They weren’t. Bugger,…[Read more]

  • Just had this quoted at £380. What do the rest of you think? I’m seriously considering it.

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    That looks very useful Grinkle. Thank you for sharing

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    Hi Max and welcome.

    We have a few members across the pond in the USA and like Philpass says parts are still in abundance there. Our only problem is when sellers aren’t realistic with postage.

    This is a quiet site but we are dedicated to the Kawasaki 750 twins. We have a wealth of information and help so feel free to browse, comment or ask…[Read more]

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    So here we have yet another US import at a price to make you wince. There’s a good chance that the asked £4695 would cover not only the US purchase price, but also the entire container they dragged them back in. Still, pretty tho!

    Pretty Pricey

  • Well it’s been a while.. Have now put my B1 back to its  basic looking original form.. But with a few little twists that make it mine!

    It’s all been done from the start to be a tip of the hat to how Kawasaki first released this bike, but at the same time I have added my own stamp on what I am now quite proud of! For those that remember me…[Read more]

  • Rude to say no really…
    hagerty quote

  • She’s old, she’s ugly, but she’s still a pussycat. This tickover is barely registering on the tacho, this is what they’re capable of when set up properly, with sound inlet rubbers and balanced butterflies and air screws.

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    Hi Jett

    Firstly you need to measure the valve clearances. When you have determined which (if any) shims need replacing you will need to know what size shim is already fitted so you can work out the sizes you need.

    You will need to remove the valve cover but the rest can all be done without removing the camshafts.

    Shims can be found on fleabay…[Read more]

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    Have you got some? I’m always interested

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    Well for those that don’t know me my B was purchased and built up by myself using the old forum as a huge help and inspiration.

    Once I had actually got the old girl on the road I was lucky enough to go on yhe 2nd International 750 Twin meet in Belgium.

    My bike has now multiplied into two bikes as pre warned would happen by KK.

    My bike has…[Read more]

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    Hi, for all of you that don’t know I’m Tango.

    Real name is John.. I answer to both… and many more that Kaptainkwak gives me!! Abuse I tell you! Pure Abuse!! 🙁

    I own a 1976 B1 .. this has been lovingly rebuilt by myself with huge amounts of help from members of this site.

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    Bike … Kawasaki Kz750 B1 1976.

    I bought this bike in boxes and rebuilt it myself with the help of the kind and helpful folks of this site.
    After building the bike I was invited to attend the 2nd 750 Twin International Meet in Belgium.
    which I am proud to say I attended and met some great new friends from the German owners site.

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    Kawasaki found itself with a slightly unlikely success when they released the original KZ400 in 1973(??). A long way from the screaming 2-stroke triples and the ‘Boss’ Z1/900, this unassuming little bike turned […]

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