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    Yesterday I went on a ride along the Adriatic coast, as planned. The weather was OK, mostly cloudy with quite heavy wind. The road is probably really one of the most beautiful in the Europe, as people who ride much more than me are saying. Scenery is very impressive and the road is very twisty with surprisingly good tarmac. Summer however is not the best time to do it, due to quite heavy traffic. And if you go there, don’t take the speed limit signs too seriously ;-)(outside of the towns of course).

    A few numbers:
    Total distance covered (there and back): 490 km
    Average speed: around 60 km/h
    Average fuel consumption: 5,2 l/100 km
    Problems with the bike: NONE! 😀

    Cheers, Marko



    That’s kind of stirred my dreams about The Big Trip. 1100ml / 1800km. 2016. Saddle up guys 😎



    Now that is a great plan! If you need any suggestions for travelling across Slovenia, just let me know. And I would be happy to meet you here and maybe even ride along for a while.




    Hi guys,
    sounds like a plan, but we (Maria and me) can’t do it in 2016 !
    We will use all our holidays to go to Lofoten, Norway, in June 2016.
    Maybe we can do Croatia and Slovenia together in 2017 ?
    My home (close to Munich) is about 1/3 of the way to Croatia and 2/3 to the UK, so that would be a perfect camp during that long ride.
    Cheers, Michael



    Hello after a long time!

    Just wanted to let you know that the twin is still with me 🙂

    I haven’t registered it last year, so I made a short ride around the house from time to time, just to keep it in shape. As it seems, also in 2017 it will be the same – I simply don’t have enough time to ride both bikes.

    I wish you all a happy new year! And if you travel around these part of the world, don’t forget to let me know!



    Hi Marko,

    good to see you and your Twin again !

    We will have a 2-week-bike-holiday with two bike meetings in June 2017, but no plans for the summer holiday and we have never been in Slovenia for holidays.

    Looks like to happen in late August, early September.

    We will see how this goes on !

    Prost, cheers, na zdravje! pri pitju, Michael



    She still looks gorgeous Marko but slightly naked without a grab rail lol.

    Your adventures were great to look at. I do hope we can see more some day soon.

    Have a good year mate and ride safe.




    I just saw that the topic lost all the photos, so I am adding a few for the new visitors on site. I do not find a button for editing old posts, is this even possible?

    In addition, some good news for my twin: the plan is to get it running again over the winter and put it back on the road by spring 2018. I mean, it still works as always, but I would like to “rebuild” the engine. Since I do not have the necessary knowledge, I need to find someone who could do it and I will probably need some advice also from you guys when the time comes.

    Cheers, Marko





    Hi Marko

    Thank you for adding the pictures and welcome to the new site. I hope you like it.

    Sadly in the transfer we had issues with pictures coming over. We are working on it but it is a manual task and will take some time.

    Enjoy and shout for help if you need it.


Viewing 9 posts - 166 through 174 (of 174 total)

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