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    Good news – the company that manufactures the APE studs and nuts will supply them to me in sets suitable for the KZ750 Twin !

    I will order a 2 x sets for myself – if anyone else is interested in principle – let me know.

    As ever price will depend on the order size and the cost of import – but will certainly be cheaper than buying a 4 cylinder set and throwing 4 studs and 4 nuts away !



    The costings are nearly all in now for the APE studs. I’m just trying to find a way round the extortionate US postage charges !

    4 sets earmarked in principle now [ depending on price ] and I’m expecting more interest from our German cousins.

    HD clutch springs should be with me later today – I need to order 100 springs [ 20 bikes ] to make it viable – I need 3 sets and again there’s interest from the Germans.

    Looks like twin plug heads and Weber manifolds could also be a goer.



    Sorry Beachcomber I’ve not been around much lately as busy celebrating my birthday and enjoying some time with my son who is visiting from Australia. Give me a couple of days and I will catch up with you again




    Andy, no rush.

    I have orders for 5 sets of clutch springs from our German cousins – so they are getting spoken for.

    I will order 100 [ 20 sets ] on Monday morning. I will put them on E-Bay etc. as I need to get as many sets spoken for before I have to collect – and pay !

    Prices as follows for anyone interested

    Retail £24.00
    Club / casual trade £17.00
    Sets of 5 / per order £12.00

    The head studs are also a goer – 4 sets now spoken for in principle. I have to commit to 10 sets to get them to make up the kits. I’m trying to get an economical carriage service. I have one option for them to come back with a pal that’s going to the US. Problem is he might not be coming back until March. Nominal length of the long studs please ?

    To bring them over with normal post would almost double the cost price !



    More good news – there might be a “plan B” for the Hi-Po studs / nuts for the UK / EU.

    The company that makes the high performance studs for the RAM C Type Jaguar replicas says he can make our studs to the same specs as the APE items.

    I have sent him the details to get a price based on 80 [ 10 x sets ]. This is the minimum quantity to get a good price.

    The VERY good news is that they are manufactured here in the UK …… no silly carriage costs, no VAT and no customs duty ! That will save approximately 40% on the costs. AND they will be available to call off with a 2 week lead time.



    Good response from the RAM stud manufacturers.

    They will produce suitable studs in the correct lengths to the same spec material as APE with suitable flanged nuts [ NOT domed ].

    Initial discussion is good and the cost is likely to be almost 40% cheaper than the cost of importing the APE product [ $138 + shipping, duty and VAT.].

    Of course we then have NO shipping and duty to pay – only VAT.

    The only bad [ ? ] news is that I must order 20 sets.However when I see the bad condition of the standard OEM studs [ corrosion + stretching ] these would be an almost essential part of even a stock rebuild.

    Final prices when I return in 2 weeks from a chill trip to Alsace.!! 😉



    Prices now in

    Kit comprises 4 x 190mm studs
    4 x 180mm studs
    8 x flanged nuts [ not domed ]

    All 10.9 grade material Gold passivated.

    Kit price £65.00 retail and in orders of 5 sets – £52 per set.

    Forget CORROSION
    Forget Stretching
    Will help to eliminate head gasket issues.

    I will be placing the first order with RAM when I return from my chill break to Alsace [ 15th October ]

    Strictly first come first served as I already have 8 sets sold [ 12 left ].



    I forgot to mention that any club members will buy at the 5 + price … that is £52 for a personal set.

    If anyone is interested I will need firm orders by the end of this month – production will begin in September.




    Production begins in September? WOW that is fast ha ha (I have confirmed he meant November)

    So as we may know the 4 centre studs are not enclosed and therefore prone to corrosion and build up of road muck which in turn makes the barrels very difficult to remove. – None corroding bolts  – Problem solved.

    Also it is a know fact that the most common failure of the head gasket is in the middle at the front. This could well be down to the front centre 2 studs stretching. Even Kawasaki saw an issue here as they designed in an extra bolt there. – None stretch bolts – Problem probably solved.

    Obviously a cannot confirm this yet but from a design point of view it sounds very positive. The cost of £52 is approximately double the cost of pattern studs posted, if you can find them. That to me is money well spent if achieves either of the potential claims mentioned above.

    I will have 2 sets of studs please.

    I would also like 2 sets of clutch springs as well.

    Have yourself a good trip mate.



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    Thanx KK – back from my chill break now ….. wish I was back there !

    The manufacturers have confirmed that the specs are as the APE parts ….. only difference – about£180 !!!!! Most of that is in Freight, duty, VAT etc.

    The nuts are NOT domed as the APE versions, but if future orders come in I can contemplate ordering specific nuts. Grades are the same – just cosmetics. As the parts will be Gold passivated, further protection from any potential corrosion. BTW all you other guys – only 5 sets left now from the first batch.



    To be clear – the kit is for EIGHT studs an EIGHT nuts all gold passivated.

    The manufacturer’s have now informed me that the price they quoted was EXCLUSIVE OF VAT.

    That means I have to pass that on …. 5 sets and or club price will be £62.40 and retail £78.00.

    However I think that compares favourably with the OEM price for standard studs and nuts.

    At this price it should be a no brainer to replace them when re-building an engine …. cheap insurance.

    The order has now been placed and production run is in 2 weeks.



    Well after speaking to Beachcomber I need to make positive amendment’s to my previous post.

    The cost of standard Kawasaki studs is £9 each. That is £72 for 8.
    The cost of standard Kawasaki nuts is £6.50 each That is £52 for 8

    Total cost of standard Kawasaki parts (8 of each) is £124

    Beachcomber is offering a full set of studs and nuts (8 of each) for £62.40 inc VAT if you are a club member which is half the price of the standard Kawasaki ones and as they eliminate stretching and corrosion it’s an absolute no brainer!

    The price quoted is obviously plus P&P (as standard Kawasaki ones would be too) which is estimated at £6.

    20 sets have now been ordered this batch and they are selling fast with over half sold so far so get your set reserved.

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    Thanx KK for clarifying. YES I could have done the greedy bastard job and charged £150 +, but this is an exercise to help my fellow 750 owners – as are the clutch springs.

    Going rapidly …. at this rate I might have to place another order !!

    Anyone know FOR DEFINITE the lengths of the Z1 studs ? It’s fairly obvious I have at least half the set required !



    Update – I collected the clutch springs from the manufacturer today. Off for passivating next week.

    Anyone still interested please let me know and also how many sets.

    The engine studs will be put into CAD next week and a production slot allocated ASAP.



    I’m still in for 2 sets mate

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