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    To all who view this (not many) what do you think so far?

    Try and keep it clean



    I reckon Matthew has done some really good work here and deserves a pat on the back and possibly some cash. (Y)



    I’ve been given the privilege of being able to check out the new Lonesome Twin site ……….

    First reaction – a stunning piece of work and a testament to those working on it and responsible for it.

    Those who know me from the old site will know I’m no computer wizard [ computer dummy more like ] so the technical content I’ll leave to others to contribute to.

    I’ll be spending more time tomorrow pm [ Sunday ] working my way through to see if there are any glitches from my point of view.

    However, I WILL be spending the next several hours [ now 10.45 ] just browsing through …. thanx KK, I didn’t want an early night anyway !!


    Huge thanx to all those who have been responsible behind the scenes for getting us so far into the World of the Lonesome Twin ……………………kudos.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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